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About Us

Technology in this day and age is every bit as crucial as electricity and running water. Today's business climate requires networks that are both reliable and fast, and downtime due to computer issues and outages is simply unacceptable.

Founded in Michigan, SignalCircuit was formed to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for reliable networks that function the way you expect them to. We believe in sustained, consistent productivity -

  • You should be able to use your laptop or smartphone anywhere in your office and have strong Wi-Fi signal and fast speeds.
  • If you have a power outage, your mission critical systems should stay online long enough for you to respond.
  • Your computer workstations should be dependable.
In short, technology should simply work, not create worries. Whether you are having an issue with individual computers or your network infrastructure, we can help!

We are passionate about all things having to do with computers. Let us worry about the tech stuff while you concentrate on your business goals - which will become even easier to achieve with your newly upgraded workforce!


Wi-Fi Upgrades

Blanket your entire office with strong Wi-Fi reception, eliminating dead spots and slow speeds.

Network Services

A collaborative office starts with a fast, rock-solid wired network backbone as your foundation. Whether it's structured cabling, or installation of new routers and switches, we do it all!

Computer Repairs

We offer full service of computer workstations. Hardware installation, operating system upgrades, malware removal - you name it!

Phone Systems

Transform your business by upgrading your fleet of phones. Install a fully customizable PBX solution, complete with interactive voice prompts, extensions, and voicemail.


We can install and maintain your server infrastructure. Consult with us for assistance with domain networks, virtualization, storage solutions, and more!

Surveillance Systems

Now more than ever, security is a matter of paramount importance. Protect your business with a complete surveillance system.

Performance Diagnostics

Are your computers running slowly? We can investigate the source of speed bottlenecks and implement solutions to eliminate them.

Security Assessments

You can never be too careful when it comes to cybersecurity. Let us give your network a checkup to ensure the essentials are in place to protect your business.

Remote Tech Support

Many problems can be solved without requiring an on-site visit. Let us remotely connect and assist you with computer issues over the phone, saving you time!

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